Creating social Change is the driving force and mission of MusicLifeChange, Inc. Since our inception, we have partnered with noble causes to create timeless music, social media campaigns, and product lines that encourage people to continue spreading peace & happiness throughout the world.

Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence

BTS is a unique, multi-faceted, non-profit organization. Our mission is to empower victims and survivors of domestic violence, so that they can be free to tell their stories, overcome their fears, and go on to live healthy and fulfilled lives.

Each member of our leadership team is a domestic violence survivor, which means that we have greater opportunity to reach into the world of victims and survivors.  Plus, our services fill needs that are not addressed by other human service agencies and non-profits. And our audience is growing and becoming more diverse each day!

The Blow the Whistle Challenge

This challenge encourages supporters to raise awareness for domestic violence and also make a financial contribution to fund the organization’s new Grants of Hope Program. Buy yours here!

It’s important that men are apart of the charge against this domestic violence outbreak that has consumed our society. Check out the men below and their stories of why they are spreading awareness on domestic violence – and join the conversation with us HERE. 

The Survivor Whistle was created for bystanders and victims of domestic violence to use in emergency situations they may see or may be experiencing themselves. This whistle holds significance in an awareness perspective because we are encouraging bystanders to “blow the whistle against domestic violence.” Consumers who purchase the whistle are pledging to stand up against this epidemic.

We influence positive social revolutions using music to raise awareness for specific issues endangering our communities.

Resounding Joy Inc

Resounding Joy Inc., is a public-benefit California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated in August 2005 by Barbara Reuer, PhD, the current executive director. Since its inception, Resounding Joy has provided music therapy and recreational music services to more than 85,000 children and adults in the greater San Diego region. Resounding Joy board-certified staff music therapists and volunteers deliver services through four major programs that target four distinct underserved populations:

Check out how we create Gratitude Ambassadors