Is your happiness on Auto-pilot?
Built on the foundation of gratitude.

MLC is a creative agency that cultivates social revolutions through the power of music.

Creating positive music to influence the millennial culture and assist businesses & independent artist with finding their creative sound, by developing a customized voice through jingles and songs. Educating neighborhoods and institutions on the power of gratitude, music, and various social causes that affect our world such as domestic violence – through keynote cocerts, national tours & our transformative community event - “The Gratitude Experience”.
Our mission is to encourage community transformations through the foundation and values of gratitude. "If we don't see the good, then we must be the good to provide the positive balance our world needs." ~ TerryJosiah (CEO)
Aligning ourselves with social causes that are important to the mission of spreading self-love, peace, and gratitude. We create social revolutions by partnering with grass root organizations committed to assisting the public. Creating social Change is the driving force and mission of MusicLifeChange. Since our inception, we have partnered with noble causes to create timeless music, social media campaigns, and product lines that encourage people to continue spreading peace & happiness throughout the world.
The Gratitude Group
Ambassadors uniting the community through gratitude.

TerryJosiah Sharpe

Founder & Visionary

Kristen Faith Paruginog

Philanthropic Director

JJ Sharpe

A New Sound

Chancy Robinson

Music Manager
The Gratitude Song

Why is Gratitude Important?

"because when you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.
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